Terms & Conditions


For the purposes of this agreement, I am the "Writer/Coach "and you are the "Author."

  1. The total Blank to Bestseller™ program investment is $6,500, which includes all coaching services to be provided by Writer/Coach in the Blank to Bestseller™ program and all publishing services to be provided by Winners, LLC.
  2. Author's payment of an initial deposit of $300, which is non-refundable, activates this agreement between Author and Writer/Coach.
  3. At Author's request, Author agrees to pay a minimum of $300 monthly.
  4. At author's request, the remaining balance of $6,200 shall be paid in full by or before December 10, 2024.
  5. Author may, at any time, pay remaining balance in full upon request without penalty.
  6. The actual publishing of Author's completed manuscript shall take place when total amounts paid is equal to $2400 or more.


The Blank to Bestseller™ program must be initiated by December 21, 2023.


1. All payments made by the Author to the Writer/Coach are non-refundable.

2. Failure to meet the monthly minimum payment will constitute a cancellation. If Author chooses to cancel the Blank to Bestseller™ program before its completion, or if author fails to complete the monthly minimum payment, Author will be responsible for the full amount of the Project investment due and payable at cancellation, less any amounts paid by Author up to the date of the cancellation. Any existing Blank to Bestseller™ guarantee provided shall be null and void.